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Nucleic Acid Liquid Nutrition Powder (400g)

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Origin: Taiwan

Nucleic acid is an extremely important core substance in cells. It governs the synthesis of proteins such as growth, development, reproduction, genetics and mutation of the human body; in addition, it is about our body metabolism, the regulation of immune function, life and death, and longevity. The ability to synthesize nucleic acids will be degraded after we reach 25 years of age. 

Active intake of nucleic acid foods can promote metabolism, regulates physiological functions, nourish and strengthen our body, enhance physical strength, mental health, and beauty.

NGA Plant-Based Nucleic Acid powder is:

1. Vegan

2. Pure green algae extract, rich in DNA & RNA

3. No animal ingredients, hormones, heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides, food additives, 0 fat, 0 cholesterol

Nutritional Supplement for:

1. Vegetarians/ Vegan

2. pregnant women

3. Heavy duty workers

4. Adolescent

5. Women

6. Patient who are recovering and need replenishment


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