Klar Disinfectant Spray (250ml)

Code: 77209
Origin: Germany

Product features: vegan, fragrance-free, no enzyme contained ingredients, no genetically modified raw materials, fluorescent agent, phosphorus and benzene, approved by skin testing, biodegradable

Ingredients: 78.8g ethanol (taken from organic farming), 21.2g purified water

Efficacy: remove bacteria (such as Salmonella, E. coli), fungi (such as Candida) and viruses (such as avian influenza, HIV, SARS) in 60 seconds without wiping.

Wide range of uses: Spray on areas that need disinfection such as skin, toilet boards, door handles, kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, wash dishes, etc. Convenient disinfection supplies for home use and travel

Suitable for glass, plastic, ceramic and other materials

Product Note: * Not applicable to Acrylic

The products have been approved by the German Hygiene and Microbiology Association, the Virus Control Association and the RKI Government Health Protection Institute for disinfection.


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