Mirtilloxin (30 Capsules)

Code: 10110
Origin: switzerland

Weary eyesight, Myopia, Night vision, Night driving, Capillary bleeding, Couperose, Phlebitis, Varicose veins. Diarrhoea, Colitis, Intestinal spasms.Vascular complaints, Cellulite with edema.
Blueberry helps visual perception in poor light, which is useful for drivers, sportspeople and students. In fact, it improves eyesight especially in half-light or in the evening and has a positive effect on myopia, retinopathy and vascular problems of the eye, particularly if caused by diabetes and high blood pressure.
The Blueberry, which is rich in Vitamins A and C, is a good astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-haemorrhage agent during episodes of common colds, sore throats, weak and inflamed gums and haemorrhoids. It also stimulates the appetite.
Application: 1 gel capsule to be taken before breakfast with a little water.

Data sheet

16.2g (30 cap)