Schoenenberger Organic Artichoke Pure Juice (Germany) 200ml


Artichokes are low in calories and rich in B vitamins and folic acid. Its roots and leaves have a bactericidal effect, detoxify the wine, and have a curative effect on liver damage caused by alcohol. Among them, vitamin B complex can promote energy metabolism, help neural message transmission, improve concentration, and enhance immunity

Rich in a variety of active ingredients: articholic acid, flavonoids, bitterin, inulin, which can activate and protect liver cells, promote cell regeneration, protect and restore liver function, improve liver vitality, and promote liver toxins 

Dredges bile ducts and stimulates on bile secretion, protects liver on body metabolism, aids in fat digestion to stabilize cholesterol, and maintains cardiovascular health 

Contains bitterin to enhance bile secretion, effectively regulates the stomach, aids in digestion and flatulence problems

Antioxidant, protects body cells from free radical 

Especially for people who consumes a lot of meat

Cholecystectomy patient is recommended to be taken before meals to help on digestive discomfort 

** 10 day servings **


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