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Organic Brown Rice (2kg)

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Origin: Taiwan

[Taiwan's largest Professional organic rice production] Preservation by multi-layer technical professionals

"Why is fresh Yinchuan rice so delicious?

"Uses professional technology, fresh rice has the best taste! -


In addition of place of origin, fresh rice requires professional technic of preservation.

Far Infrared and dry in low temperature,

Highly retain the nutritional value of rice grains

Let the rice cool in air-condition area,

delay aging and maintain the best vitality of rice

Using Japanese advanced machines to process,

Preserves its’ complete appearance and best taste



-Hypoallergenic: Soothes allergic diseases such as dermatitis and eczema

-Helps those who are anemia and strength physique: Brown rice is good for hematopoiesis and blood circulation. Brown rice germ is full of vitamin.

-Vitamin E can promote blood circulation and maintain endocrine balance

-Able to nourish and strengthening the stomach, can enhance the digestive system absorption function.

-Strengthen heart function, this can stabilize blood lipids and cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension.

-Helps in constipation: it increases gastrointestinal motility, soften stools, effectively eliminate toxins and improves bowel movement.


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