Organic Purple Buffalo Barley (650g)

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Organic purple buffalo barley contains high-quality protein and soluble fiber B-Glucan, polyunsaturated fatty acids, has a unique flavor and natural purple element. It is high in quality, all-year round organic grain. Especially added organic oat and soy protein isolate, which can provide high-quality pure plant-based protein and essential amino acids need to maintain physical and mental health. It is a comprehensive nutrition supplement.

Ingredients: Purple bison barley, oats, linseed linseed oil, ISP soy protein isolate, soy lecithin



Organic purple bison barley milk is rich in soy protein isolate, which is easier to be absorbed by the body than normal soy protein. The isoflavones in it have antioxidant properties, which can reduce blood fat content and maintain heart health.

Promote bowel movements:

Organic purple bison barley milk is rich in water-soluble fiber β-polyglucose, which can effectively reduce blood lipid content and increases bile acid secretion. At the same time, promote intestinal peristalsis and bowel smoothness.

Suitable for all types of people: Organic purple bison barley milk does not contain eggs and dairy products. It is suitable for egg sensitive people, vegetarians and lactose sensitive people, and provides them with high-quality plant protein.

How to eat

Stir 25 g (about 5 spoons) purple bison barley plant milk and warm water at 180 ~ 230c.c. You can add other grains or mix fruit juice, soy milk or tea with milk to your taste.

Recommend 1-2 cups daily, which is a healthy choice


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