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DNA/RNA Drink (60mlx10)

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Origin: Taiwan

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Country of Origin: Taiwan
Nucleic acid is an extremely important core substance in cells. Although it only takes up a small part of cells, it controls protein synthesis such as growth, development, reproduction, genetics and mutation of the human body. Other functions such as metabolism, regulations of immune function, health and longevity that plays an important role. Decisive role. After 25 years of age, the ability to synthesize nucleic acids will be degraded. Active intake of nucleic acid foods promote metabolism, regulate physiological functions, nourish and strengthen the body, enhance physical strength, mental health, and beauty. It is a good nutritional supplements for everyone, even prenatal and postpartum can take it.
NGA Plant-Based Excellent Nucleic Acid Features:
1. Vegan: Vegetarians need nucleic acids to give cells nutrition
2. Pure: high nucleic acid content 1200mg / bottle
3. Green Algae Nucleic Acid Extraction: Completely pure green algae extract, rich in DNA & RNA and alkaline
4. No animal ingredients, no hormones, heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides, food additives, 0 fat, 0 cholesterol
Nutritional supplements for vegetarians
2. Nutritional supplements during pregnancy
3. Overtime office worker
4. Adolescence
5. Concern on beauty
6. Weak or illness person
How to eat:
One bottle of health daily can be added to soy milk and juice.

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