Mulberry Juice (Sugar Added) 300ml

Origin: Taiwan

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Ingredients: water, mulberry, cane sugar

Mulberry is from the genus Mulberry tree. Its fruit usually matures from March to May in spring. The color of the fruit changes from green to light red, purple to dark purple.

Mulberry is rich in all types of nutrients. It is sweet and cold that contains at least 18 kinds of amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, D, carotene, glucose, fructose, malic acid, citric acid, tannic acid, pectin, calcium, iron. 

Efficiency: promote gastric secretion, enhance digestion and peristalsis, have bowel and laxative effects, improve constipation, and eliminate abdominal cramps. In addition, it has analgesic effect, joint relief, rheumatism relief, treatment of rheumatoid joint swelling and pain.


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