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Organic Acerola Pure Pressed Juice (200ml)

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West India Acerola are original from the region of tropical America. The region of Caribbean where West Indies aborigines had been planted and used hundreds of years ago. Then it spreads through from Hawaii, India through other subtropical regions all over world. Many researchers found that there is a high content of vitamin C in this small, sour fruits and gave "natural vitamin tablets" such reputation.

-It contains Vitamin C 30 times more than lemon contains, just takes 5 ml / day

-Rich in vitamin B6, vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin, iron, calcium, magnesium, flavonoids

-Enhance immunity, cold and flu prevention

-Quickly relieve nasal and throat mucosal hyperemia, balance and suppress mucus secretion, prevents reinfection

-Increased iron absorption

-Effectively promote collagen synthesis, strengthen skin elasticity, prevents dryness and aging, whitening skin and spots removal

-Effectively gain immunity for pregnant women and those who are weak and sick

-Best supplement for athletic

-The best choice for those who are allergic to oranges

*** Smokers recommend 25mg per day

**** Schoenenberger Herbal Juice Extraction uses Highly Technology cold-pressed from picking fresh plant cells (Pharmaceutical grade test approval)

1. Aids in collagen formation that connects all cells in the body. Vitamin C can be synthesized collagen in the body

2. Assists in wound and bone healing, detoxify and lessen allergies infection, eliminate fatigue, aids in digestion and nutrients absorption

3. The report states that if each person takes 10 grams of vitamin C (10,000 mg) per day, not only can it prevents colds but also prolong the life of cancer patients

4. Maintenance, whiten skin, strengthen skin immunity, regulate sebum secretion, and moisturizes the natural skin factor production

5. Relieve stress and strengthen the immune system


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