法國 Beessenciel 有機鮮蜂皇漿 1gx28

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origin: China

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-100% pure fresh royal jelly, no freezing treatment, no preservatives, additives
-Royal jelly comes from Changbai Mountain beehive at an altitude of 2700 meters, far away from pollution
UNESCO listed the Jilin Changbai Mountain International Biosphere Reserve Network as one of the world’s natural reserves
-Royal jelly is a food produced by worker bees for queen bees: it is rich in nutritional value, rich in amino acids, minerals (copper, zinc, iron, calcium...), vitamin B1, B5
Anti-inflammatory, improve fatigue
Promote metabolism
Provide energy and vitality, enhance immunity
Increase appetite, improve absorption, suitable for all ages
Promote oxygen absorption capacity of muscles and body tissues
Improve physical strength and brain activity
Improve fatigue resistance and cold tolerance
Good for skincare inside and outside
-1 gram packet is a daily serving, it is convenient and hygienic
-Best eaten in the morning or on an empty stomach
-Natural royal jelly has a sour, slightly spicy and irritating taste, and can be taken with warm water
-Fresh products need to be stored in a refrigerated environment at 2-8 degrees
*Do not use if you are allergic to pollen, honey, propolis and other bee-related products

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