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Organic Mulberry Vinegar (600ml)

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Origin: Taiwan
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Mulberries contain amino acids, iron, calcium, carotene, vitamins, fruit acids, glucose and other nutrients.

Vinegar is rich in organic acids, citric acid, and energy burn.

Vinegar can promote appetite, help digestion; inhibit bacterial reproduction, and prevent gastroenteritis.

The accumulation of lactic acid can cause fatigue while the citric acid in the vinegar reduces the oxidation of lactic acid accumulation to eliminate fatigue.

Mulberry improves immunity and has anti-aging effects.

It improves eyesight and relieve eyes’ fatigue.

It relieves thirst, promote digestion, and helps in defecation.

Chinese medicine believes that mulberry can invigorate the liver and kidney, rejuvenate the intestines, nourishes nutrients in hair and strengthen eyesight.

Should dilute with water in 1:10 ratio before drinking.

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