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Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Ageless Beauty Capsules (138.3g/ 60 Capsule)

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Origin: Bulgaria
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We offer a unique supplement products USDA Certified Organic Ageless Beauty Capsules with Organic Rose Oil and Powerful Antioxidant Açaí Derma Complex. One capsule has the equivalent of 60 pink roses, 120 wild rose berries, 60 açaí berries, and more than 1000 beneficial seeds and fruits. Packed with strong antioxidants, vitamins and a healthy boost of Omega 3, 6 and 9. And filled with a mesmerizing fragrance and beautifying, rejuvenating power!

Anti-ageing: Our bio-active blend of pure Rose Oil and youth-restorative antioxidant Açaí complex is formulated to help fight free radicals causing ageing and promote skin regeneration.

Beauty: It helps maintain the healthy growth of skin, nails and hair, and provides overall support for even skin tone and elasticity. Key ingredients provide some cell protection from sun damage.

Health: The high antioxidant content has overall positive effect on the immune system, helps detoxify body and stimulates cell tissue regeneration. It has beneficial effects on organ functions and helps reduce inflammation in tissue.

Rose Inner Perfume: Acts as an ingestible perfume - when the body assimilates the aromatic molecules, a gentle rose fragrance is emitted by the skin.

Take one capsule twice daily with a full glass of water. One Month Supply.


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138.3g (60 Capsule)

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