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Organic White Rice (2kg)

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Origin: Taiwan

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[Yinchuan Dasao asks]

What is the best way to find delicious rice? Freshness is the key.

When buying fruit and vegetables, freshness is the most important thing to look for.

What about buying rice?

Rice is cultivated twice a year,

Generally, commercially available rice usually stored for a long time. Thus, the freshness of the rice won’t be retained.

Only freshly harvested rice, could retain the flavor and glossiness in perfect condition, that is dense and rich in flavor.

"I want to taste fresh rice, but I don't know where to buy it?

Rice that is sold on the market usually is being stored and processed.

But only fresh rice is delivered directly after freshly harvested thus you can taste the best fresh rice!

* Preserve natural nutrient

* Does not contain any pesticides and chemicals, it is naturally healthy


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2 kg

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